Bad Luck Stories : 2010 November

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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Good or Bad Luck

Posted by SSJ at November 19, 2010
Tags: Health   Lost   2010 November


I was just wondering if u all cud plez help me with something?

Are these instances examples of GOOD or BAD luck?

1)I lost over $100.00 on a crowded main road but got it back. Is it bad that i lost it or good that i got it back?

2) I never miss an episode of Vampire Diaries but at the exact time that it was suppose to start (8:00pm) current went- AT THAT EXACT MOMENT- I was really pissed off but the power came back on 35 minutes later. So is it bad luck that current chose that exact time 2 go or is it good luck that it came back b4 the episode was done?

3)I live in a tropical country and i just found out that i faint whenever the sun is too hot.Well, i fainted 2day in the middle of a crowded station but was it bad luck that i fainted or good luck that i didn't hit the floor as a friend held me up?

Thanks 4 takin the time to read this. I know that it is not as bad as the other stories but i'd just like your opinion please!

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Posted by anonymous at November 10, 2010
Tags: Job   2010 November

My problems started in Oct 2005, when I applied for a job in my city. I had worked at my previous job for ten years and they transferred me an hour away from my house. I took it because I had just brought a new car. A couple of weeks later I found out that a new store was opening in my town, it was five minutes from my house and it paid more money. (The grass is not always greener on the other side) I applied and was turned down twice for this job and I was shocked when they called me back. Well when I go there everybody was stealing, lying, trash talking and nobody trusted anyone. I was the nicest manager there and it got me fired. I got stabbed in the back because of a rumor. And the crazy thing is nobody from the original crew is there today, they all got fired, karma is a bitch. I still had my part time job so I was able to pay my bills. One day a friend told me about another management job. I applied and I was hired on the spot. Once I got there everything was fine until I got transferred to anot...

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2 years bad luck and no end in sight

Posted by Wheelock at November 6, 2010
Tags: Broken Stuff   Health   2010 November

My long string of bad luck started November 2008. I think I cursed myself because the 3 weeks before all this started I was playing around on Halloween with spells and chants from the internet and burning a white candle. In November 2008 my daughter started getting into trouble at school and still is, got the flu in December that year that ruined my Christmas. In February 2009 got cockroaches in apartment. Exterminators came four times. Sometimes exterminators wouldn't even return my calls. In April my car broke down and was told it was not worth fixing. Walked everywhere for six weeks on a worsening arthritic knee. All cars I test drived had obvious problems...such as Check Engine light on and shaking in front end. Summer 2009 had bad toothache. September 2009 new car started leaking water under passenger side floor. September 2009, routine mammogram came up with unknown problem. October 2009, got cold that lasted two months with two secondary infections. November 2009 lifted heavy mirror while house cleaning, hurt back with bulged disk which is still achey and sore a lot of the time, December 2009 knee arthitis turned severe. Tenant in the other half of my duplex committed suicide, so I was thinking I was haunted for months after. Another bad mammogram in March 2010. Just recently my daughter was in a car accident in a car stolen by her underage friend. My daughter's friend ran the cell phone bill up $300 in one month in July 2010. Now I owe $576 right away or I'll be in collection. They said they would settle for $365 in 30 days which is impossible for me to pay because I'm on social assistance and Christmas is 1 month away. And...tonight the Check Engine light comes on in my car. There were other things along the way too...I truly think that I have cursed myself or am suffering from bad karma. No amount of negative thinking could cause all of these problems.

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