Bad Luck Stories : 2011 October

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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Fuck It

Posted by Loser at October 29, 2011
Tags: Auto   Job   Money   2011 October

I enlisted in the Marine Corps back in 03. On my drive home from Cali to Texas, I flipped my truck (totaling it) and lost everything I owned except clothes (which survived). Family picked me up from the emergency room! Spent the next few weeks getting back on track, new phone, new car, heeled from the wreck, closed on a house. Started classes at a community college during a winter mini. Found a job paying shit and enrolled full time in courses. Boss was a complete asshole, and I quit after 8 months of trying my hardest. Jobless for a month or two until I found another job paying slightly better. For the year contract I had one Saturday off. I was either in classes or at work that entire year. Decided not to work and take 21 hours of classes to finish up quickly. Graduated in August with a business degree. It is now Oct 29, I am officially out of my Marine Corps contract. Since college, now job, living with family, car broke down. I cant fix my car, I cant afford anything. Trying to get a job? Cant find a job that pays even the same as my job prior to my degree. I'm pretty sure I cant get hired from stereotypes about Marines. True, some people would be eager to hire a Marine. To do manual labor, not business. Hiring managers thank me for my service but don't hire. So in all. I fucked my life over by getting out of the military. Why do people thank veterans anyways? For continuing our nations dependence on oil? Or the fact I have put my self several years back. I now compete against other recent graduates, in a market which is not hiring. On top of that I have to miss out on opportunities because ridiculous stereotypes about veterans. What makes it bad luck? I am now 28 years old, completely in debt, have no transportation, no income, live with my sister,and cant pursue my career. I find a company that wants me to join their leadership July. My life inst so bad, try finding a girl that is interested in a jobless,car-less, homeless, broke ass that can't even afford a date to McDonalds. I also still owe my school $2400, not sure what I will do when I need to prove my education to an employer. Its Halloween weekend and I cant even afford a costume. Christmas is around the corner, no presents from your broke ass Uncle! People might think I should just get any job in the mean time. Ya, I put myself in debt to work for nothing! So in regards, I have went from pretty good life, pursued a degree to nothing. Alright Class 2011!!!

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Run out of luck

Posted by Joker at October 27, 2011
Tags: Job   2011 October

I came out from my bachelor degree during the recession year (2008), and that time I can't get myself employed with average CGPA. Thus, I continued on grad studies for another two year, and recently graduated. Another wave of economy flux again screw my job application, and I have been jobless since half a year ago.

I tried to send as many as I could, only 4 interviews up until now. The one company I'm hoping for is screwing with me, pending my application after the interviews session for about one month plus. This luck is starting to get on my nerves....

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Posted by Jmo at October 5, 2011
Tags: Job   2011 October

October has always been bad luck for me, 6 years ago my best friend and brother died, and every year since then I've been dead broke in october, this year I found out I'm gonna be a father that part is good but it sux because I only have a part time job and my wife has the full time job, so right away I look for work and 4 months later still can't get hired, and today my car breaks down, I almost get fired then I get home to find out my wife lost her job. Looks like my baby will be born homeless since rent was due today and I don't have a dime.

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