Bad Luck Stories : 2011 September

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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Sick so close to my birthday

Posted by Thomas at September 20, 2011
Tags: Health   2011 September

I will b e 38 Thuraday Septamber the 22. Sundy moring I became ill. I am pain and have sharp pain in my stomach and I can't get rid of it unless I eat somethin like Chef Boy Ardee. Good food! I have been able to do numkber 2 for last 51 hours i know hwen i got at 2 AM Sunday Morning. Ican' sleep without being in agony. I really hate it.

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bad luck at beginning of freshman year

Posted by jenz at September 9, 2011
Tags:   2011 September

this is just my second day of skool and a chain of bad things happened to me already
first day: friend ditched me for her old friends , forgot lunch ticket and didnt even eat breakfast yet , mom came bak from arizona trip and started yelling at me right when she came bak , boyfriend ignored me at skool , almost fainted at ballet because of the heat .
second day: lost my buspass so i have to pay from now on , mom got pissed for no reason, twisted my ankle, broke my moms vase , ants invaded room , tripped on stairs and peeled my nose .

wat do u think this is ?

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