Bad Luck Stories : 2012 September

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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I finaaly got a new car

Posted by autumn at September 23, 2012
Tags: Auto   2012 September

y would by me new car becuase of her job then she got promtion and made more money then yesterday she let's get you new car we took my old RAV4 We wen to a dealer oh toyota an dthe car I wanted was gone so I decided to see if the could get that car but when i entered the showroom i aw a black Sienna. Amini VanIt was the touring model and more expensive so asked on of the guys if they had that in the LX in that color and they I took for test drive and the ride was very smooth so i settled for it and the A/c was very cold. I wonder if the heat is very hot. It has cruise control am/fm cd radio I did bot getthe XM Satilte doue to the price of the subscription. I am 16 soon to be 17 and o work a t drug store with mu cusion Lola and my freind KAt. Kat's got us a job there My 0.% apr inacning and it drog themonthypayment down and the down payment was low. it is 2013. I s\di know it was next year's mdel.. I will take to came nex summer as it will be Knoxville Tennussee insted of North carolina in the middle of nowhere. we alomost got rapped there after a the creek behind the cabin flooded and callapsed the back of the cabin. and the drifge on the road to get was underwater.

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Posted by Thomas at September 15, 2012
Tags: Health   2012 September   Weather

Why can't ever get out of the bad luck on my birthday Either some wea bad weather comes or the state get s flooed or I am sick and I am begining to hate it Why me. Get sick with a kidney stone and wait till the next two to deal with it. I hate feeling this wy but my birthday is bad for myself and other folks and some folks I don't even know. Iam tired of this becuase every year it the same old shit that I out up with.. last i din't feel so good. I hope i recover before my birthday. I week tor ecover.

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