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Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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One right after another...

Posted by anonymous at November 12, 2011
Tags: Accident   Auto   Money   2011 November

It all started with not getting paid on time... You see, rent was due and I needed to go pay it. So I did and started moving into the place I had just put a $750 investment into. Days later, after missing a meeting to plan my sisters wedding, we were finally moved out of the old place and into the new place. That is where the 2nd issue occured. The people we were sharing our place with decided to not help us move in and treat us like guests in a place we were paying to live in. They wouldn't move their things out of the common areas, etc... So, I return back to work and get excited to go back to the place I was staying with my cat, of which we had had for a few months and had adopted after permission to bring her allong... That's when number 3 happened.
Threats and not being intelligent are not good traits for people you were supposed to live with. You see, they wouldn't allow the cat in after signing paperwork. So subleasers were needed and we needed to find a new place to live.

And that's when it just kept coming. It was one thing right after another. The subleasers weren't good enough, lies, hate, more threats, yelling in my face, I was even debating on a PPO because I was afraid to even set foot in the place that I had spent over $1000 moving into and traveling to to retrieve the last of my things.

Finally, we were out and our things were safe in a storage unit while we waited to move into the new place we had just signed a lease to (Thankfully with 0 roommates and allows cats with hardwood floors). We had to stay at a hotel until we could move in.

And that's when the final straw hit...

A huge truck ran a red light and t-boned my car. The truck crossed 4 lanes of traffic on a busy day and smacked into my car ruining my laptop which I need to do my homework online for two of the four classes I am taking, and then... Thankfully we had another vehicle. A couple weeks later however, I find out that the cop who had been there had said it was our fault! So now, insurance will go up unless he fixes the MANY errors on the report. Also, due to all these happenings, I have no had time to do any great studying and my grades will be affected by this.

So basically I've been threatened, kicked out, lost over $1000, lost my car, lost my laptop, said I was at fault for another human being's stupidity, and to top it all of, my grades have been affected by my stress and my stress has caused me migraines.

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Ipod blues

Posted by anonymous at April 10, 2011
Tags: Accident   2011 April   Computers

So last weekend, I was listening to my music while fishing. (I know its dumb dont remind me)

And I caught a fish! Lucky me right? Wrong. At the same time I dropped my ipod on the deck and thought it just fell and I could pick it back up. Wrong again. It slipped through the only crack in the deck. The only fucking crack on the deck.

So I got a new one and the first thing you want to do when you get home is put music on it right? Wrong again. Apparently my ipod isnt compatible with my computer and I have to update it to at least version 10 or over. But I cant do that because my grandpa thinks itunes took his songs when it in fact DIDN'T and I have proof but he still wont let me have the hundereds of dollars I spent on fucking songs.

Great weekend for me.. I was also thinking about selling the first ipod for some decent money -__-

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only in a week

Posted by boss123 at March 7, 2011
Tags: Accident   Auto   Broken Stuff   2011 March

so this is in a 5 day period.

1. broke my left mirror on my car
2. was in my friends car and got into a car accident.
2. cracked my phone
3. got my car stuck at least 3 times between the two storms upstate has had in the last week and a half
4. ipod fried from the snow
5. locked my keys in the car while trying to dig my car out, luckly used a coat hanger to pop the lock. To end up locking my keys in my car about 5 seconds afterward due to a lock malfunction.
6. and got a speeding ticket

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Posted by ldiablo at January 6, 2011
Tags: Accident   Health   2011 January   Relationship

the past 3 years of my life, ive endured not only hardship. ive endured a lifetime of struggle and emotional highs and lows. First, my girlfreind of 2 years left me and started having sex with another guy literally a day later. i broke my leg. my grandfather (bestfreind, went to his house everyday taught me everything i know and all of my morals) died. my mother cheated on my father. i got in 2 car accidents within 1 week of getting my liscence. my other grandfather has been diagnosed with brain cancer. and as of now i cant keep an erection half the time while fooling around with my girlfriend. ive played and worked on golf nonstop for this 3 years and i still am not very good.

so why does such hardship fall on me? a 17 year old kid. i dont know but i have so much bullshit on my plate that i dont know what to do. im not exactly depressed but all that shit in 3 yrs??? my treasure is further in life i guess

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Posted by Mikey S at October 9, 2010
Tags: Accident   Broken Stuff   2010 October

Today I accidentally shat myself and had to borrow my friends shorts for a party. On my way to his house, my bike pedal broke. On the way back, I dropped the shorts into my bike, covering them in grease. MRL

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Auto accident truama

Posted by Samantha at June 2, 2010
Tags: Accident   Auto   2010 June   Trauma

I had got int a terrible Accident on the intersate after another car hit from the side and I collided with a tractor trailer. Two tractor trailers and 3 cars were ivoloved in the accident and I got the worse part. I was knck out fro the impact of the tractor trailer. I woke to the doctors at he hospital cutting off my clothes. I was stripped nude the even cut off my bra and underwear. the cover witha sheet and tok me for X-rau\ys CAT scan anda head CT. I had some head truama my head was rapped up I was able to kep my hair on my head. chrges wre filed to the woman that cuased the accident and she was drunk when she hit me. My car is totaled. I sue for my car and oaib abd suffering. My back and neck never covered I am not paralized thank fuly just whiplash and some ruptured discs is all it is. Now have trouble remebering things. what do think about women drivers now.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at May 3, 2010
Tags: Accident   2010 May

Well i was at my friends house the other night, drinking and smoking when i go to light a bowl with a white lighter...

Apartently its bad luck to even hold a white lighter.. So my friend slapps it out of my hand and proceeds to stomp on it with his boot while yelling "GET THAT FUCKING BAD VOODOO LIGHTER OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!".. needless to say this isn't wasn;t a good thing to do with a lighter full of butane

BAM!!!! the lighter blows up in his kitchen and he says "FUCK DOOD I TOLD YOU THOSE THINGS WERE BAD LUCK... LOOK WHAT IT DID!!"

WHY ARE WHITE LIGHTERS considered back luck?

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at April 23, 2010
Tags: Accident   2010 April   Auto

Well it started off a really nice car, no imperfections whatso ever...and i picked up a right bargain ...

then after having a LOT of bad luck with it, some disabled pensioner drove into me on a roundabout, so that was a new door out of the way then, for some reason nobody knows my car rolled down a hill, over a kerb and into some railings with nobody in it and the car locked, after i watched it from a distance happen i got in and checked the handbrake, it was still in the up posistion very firmly, very strange in my opinion, and nobody has an explanation,
the car traveled about 30 meters before it stopped...
and now i cant get any more pissed off...
as today i was meant to be on leave from work till the 4th of jan.. and i cant even get home from the place i work...

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at April 19, 2010
Tags: Accident   2010 April   Auto

I had a bad luck accident on Friday in the city. I stopped my car to wait for my fren at No Standing zone and at the back of a bus. and the bus reversed, the stupid old driver didn't see me, and he smashed into my front. and he said that it is also my fault that I stopped the car at No Standing zone too.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at April 7, 2010
Tags: Accident   2010 April   Auto

I got my brand new 325 sparkling graphite, heated seats, sat prep, adaptive cruise in yesterday. Man on man was I excited. I've been waiting two months for this car. It's the first one I ever ordered and my first BMW. The car drives like a dream. But two hours into my ownership of my sweet new ride, a cat runs out in front of me and slams into my bumper.... I pulled over and found that it crumpled the whole drivers side portion of my bumper... Talk about a buzz kill. I didn't even have 70 miles on the car. How's that for being born under a bad sign?

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at March 20, 2010
Tags: Accident   Auto   2010 March

stopped at a stop sign somebody else takes corner short and totals my car. insurance is only going to pay enough to cover what I have left on loan. and of course after a recent divorce my credit is now in the crapper . being a single mom with three chidern and working just to survive leaves me not much money no way to get credit and now I have no vechicle either.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at March 2, 2010
Tags: Accident   Auto   2010 March

When i was 21 i bought a 1999 Honda Accord, and 2 days later when i was crusing along the motorway and old aged woman who was just pulling on to the motorway hit the passenger side of my Honda. I beeped at her about 6 times because she had crashed my first car and i knew my parents would blame it on me. I pulled over on the hard shoulder and looked at the damage and the whole left side was damaged beyond repair.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 25, 2010
Tags: Accident   Auto   2010 February

Brought a new car for me (Second hand) the other day. Got about 10 minutes from the garage down a main road and there was a turning on my left. As i cam round the corner the car coming towards me on the other side of the road started to turn right down the rd on my left. He then saw me and stopped in front of me on my side of the rd.
I had no where to go managed to turn and hit the front of his wing. Had a witness who said it was his fault.
The engineer fixing the car for the insurance company will not fix any damage to the drivers side, as I hit him on my passanger side as he cant see how this was caused in the crash (Scratches marks ect).. Despite just picking it up from the garage.
I have now had to take out anothe claim to get this fixed.

Anyone else had bad luck with new cars.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 19, 2010
Tags: Accident   Auto   Broken Stuff   2010 February

I look out the front window to discover that a limb had blown off the nieghbors tree and landed squarley on the side of my truck. Numerous holes in the tonneau cover, numerous scratches all over the side and top of truck and morning revealed at least 1 small dent.

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worse week ever...

Posted by Caitlyn at February 11, 2010
Tags: Accident   2010 February   Trauma

This past week was terrible and painful! First, 2 days in school I have been bullied and crap like that.YOU TRY AND BE SMASHED IN THE LOCKERS! I reported it and my whole class bullies me so the team leader of the hall (language teacher) they changed my schedulle so i can avoid the bullies. The next day after school I was talking to my boy friend and he had to catch his ride so i headed for the buses. 20 sec. later I was pushed and landed flat on my face on the concreat I was knocked out for 30 sec. between the buses. No one claims to see me and i didnt know and still dont know who pushed me! And I got up still dizzy and headed for the bus.the bus driver called the princible and he is fileing that as an accident report. my tooth looked chiped and half my face was scraped off and glasses broken and top lip bigger than my bottom lip. (I'm a cute girl pale white american ima anime nerd and always bullied). When I got home the school didnt call my mom to tell her so i had to tell her she took me to the emergancy and we found out that my tooth is cracked all the way to the root. My mom is pissed so am i and today we r going to press charges on the school. I mean what if i was still knocked out between the buses and they turn to get out of school I could have been killed! That night I posted pictures of my face on myspace and my boy friend ran to my house so worried about me and still say im beautiful. I'm only 13.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at January 19, 2010
Tags: Accident   Broken Stuff   2010 January

Here is my bad luck in the past month:

1) I left my gym bag hanging on a hook on the back of my apartment door. When I shut the door, apparently the bag swung and tripped the lock. This is the one of the two locks that is so old it doesn't have a key. It was 9pm. I waited 1.5 hours for the locksmith. She had to replace the entire thing. $250.

2) Computer stopped working. For no reason. Just went blank. Best Buy couldn't fix it. Had to send it to the manufacturer.

3) After making the phone call to the computer manufacturer from my car--I locked my keys in my car. I don't have AAA. Called same locksmith. The same girl helped me. $90.

This all happened after I broke a large mirror. Since then, I have broken three other mirrors by accident. This cannot end well.

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