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Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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My life of bad luck

Posted by anonymous at February 24, 2014
Tags: Auto   2014 February   Money

It always seems like anything that can go bad around me does. I think positive and all the other things people say but nothing seems to work. When I was a baby and being circumsized, (I don't think that's how its spelled), the scalpel broke. And just random cases of bad luck at least once a month sometimes once a week. But recently I was cut off by a truck on by motorcycle. Which caused me to crash. I wasn't hut more than scrapes. A week later I was riding with a friend in his car and we got hit on my side by a suv that ran a stop sign. A week later I get a paper in the mail saying the Texas Board Of Nursing is going to need 6 more months to review my eligibility to become a nurse so I wasn't able to start in January. Next week I get a paper in the mail saying I have gotten to many traffic violations in the past years so I am getting my license suspended. the next week I get a letter from my insurance saying that I will no longer be covered because my license will be suspended and when I go check for insurance the cheapest place I can find is around 500 a month. the next week I try to get a job again as a CNA. My interview was on February 3,2014 everything was good I got the job and they checked to make sure my CNA license was still valid. It expired February 2, 2014. I immediately send the information need to get it renewed. 5 days later I am out with friends on my last weekend before my suspension takes place. and I get pulled over for speeding and changing lanes without a blinker. Only to find out that It became a class B misdemeanor in January and I spent the weekend in jail and currently have to pay 2500 for a layer 500 to bond out and get my bike out of impound not to include the additional money for the charge and possible jail time. the next week I get the paper back for the CNA board and I put my first and last name in the wrong order so I have to resubmit it. I do this and resend it the same day. I get it back on Saturday the same week. I received the paper work and had to now send the approval letter and 95 dollar money order and the application to the testing place. I get a letter from them the next weekend saying they got the 95 dollar money order and the application but didn't get the approval letter so I need to resubmit it which will take another week for me to receive then another week to hear back from the testing place. And that is where I am at now. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the little bit of money do receive from student loans for taking a few bs classes this semester never showed up? It gets direct deposited every semester but it just happened to not show up.

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I finaaly got a new car

Posted by autumn at September 23, 2012
Tags: Auto   2012 September

y would by me new car becuase of her job then she got promtion and made more money then yesterday she let's get you new car we took my old RAV4 We wen to a dealer oh toyota an dthe car I wanted was gone so I decided to see if the could get that car but when i entered the showroom i aw a black Sienna. Amini VanIt was the touring model and more expensive so asked on of the guys if they had that in the LX in that color and they I took for test drive and the ride was very smooth so i settled for it and the A/c was very cold. I wonder if the heat is very hot. It has cruise control am/fm cd radio I did bot getthe XM Satilte doue to the price of the subscription. I am 16 soon to be 17 and o work a t drug store with mu cusion Lola and my freind KAt. Kat's got us a job there My 0.% apr inacning and it drog themonthypayment down and the down payment was low. it is 2013. I s\di know it was next year's mdel.. I will take to came nex summer as it will be Knoxville Tennussee insted of North carolina in the middle of nowhere. we alomost got rapped there after a the creek behind the cabin flooded and callapsed the back of the cabin. and the drifge on the road to get was underwater.

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car driving lessons

Posted by Aleena at July 24, 2012
Tags: Auto   2012 July

I hate my existence, my parents expect so much from me, but i know that at the end of the day its all for my own good.
Despite taking more than 30 driving lessons, im still crap at it, i just wish a miracle can happen, where for the next lesson i can be soo good that the bloody driving instructor would be amazed, its her who makes me nervous, i wish i had my own car as to which i can learn in, as the instructors some how just make me feel nervous the same feeling that i will not be up to their expectations.
And if i tell my parents they will consider me a complete stupid failiure.
I hate it all. And i have no one to talk to, inorder to take away the feeling of bottling it all up!
I just really want to be good at driving, to have my own independence, but my stupid capabilities are just not working as good as they were, since my crappy past of being bullied and completely taken the mick out way back in school, and then some time later, my little sister passed away in hospital, as she was very ill.
Why can't i feel that for once im in control of my life, where no matter what i still remain strong and confident.
I want to succeed. Hopefully i can amaze the bitch of a driving instructor that i can drive to the high standards for the test.

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Wrong place.... wrong time

Posted by anonymous at May 6, 2012
Tags: Auto   2012 May

Just went to a wedding tonight. I intended to return the dress pants that I bought for it because they weren't very comfortable. Left wedding at 11pm and car broke down on a remote country road. Called and waited about 30 minutes for brother to bring me gas during which time a suspicious car with tinted windows passed me 4 times. Finally my brother brought me gas.... about 1/5 of a gallon of it. Car still didn't start. Had to have him take me to a gas station to get more gas. Finally got back and put another 3 gallons in. Still didn't start (also checked oil levels; fine). Had to have him give me a ride home only to immediately get pulled over by the cops. Apparently it was prom night for a local high school and there were a lot of pranks. Sadly, I was wearing very prom-esque clothing and I was suspiciously parked on the side of the road about a fifty yards from a bunch of pranks. Also, my 23 year old brother who was driving didn't have his license on him to prove he wasn't in high school. Needless to say my pants that I had intended to return weren't very clean anymore after checking my oil and pushing my car to the side of the road. My only saving grace was my own ID and the fact that my car wouldn't start. Altogether a pretty disastrous night.

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One right after another...

Posted by anonymous at November 12, 2011
Tags: Accident   Auto   Money   2011 November

It all started with not getting paid on time... You see, rent was due and I needed to go pay it. So I did and started moving into the place I had just put a $750 investment into. Days later, after missing a meeting to plan my sisters wedding, we were finally moved out of the old place and into the new place. That is where the 2nd issue occured. The people we were sharing our place with decided to not help us move in and treat us like guests in a place we were paying to live in. They wouldn't move their things out of the common areas, etc... So, I return back to work and get excited to go back to the place I was staying with my cat, of which we had had for a few months and had adopted after permission to bring her allong... That's when number 3 happened.
Threats and not being intelligent are not good traits for people you were supposed to live with. You see, they wouldn't allow the cat in after signing paperwork. So subleasers were needed and we needed to find a new place to live.

And that's when it just kept coming. It was one thing right after another. The subleasers weren't good enough, lies, hate, more threats, yelling in my face, I was even debating on a PPO because I was afraid to even set foot in the place that I had spent over $1000 moving into and traveling to to retrieve the last of my things.

Finally, we were out and our things were safe in a storage unit while we waited to move into the new place we had just signed a lease to (Thankfully with 0 roommates and allows cats with hardwood floors). We had to stay at a hotel until we could move in.

And that's when the final straw hit...

A huge truck ran a red light and t-boned my car. The truck crossed 4 lanes of traffic on a busy day and smacked into my car ruining my laptop which I need to do my homework online for two of the four classes I am taking, and then... Thankfully we had another vehicle. A couple weeks later however, I find out that the cop who had been there had said it was our fault! So now, insurance will go up unless he fixes the MANY errors on the report. Also, due to all these happenings, I have no had time to do any great studying and my grades will be affected by this.

So basically I've been threatened, kicked out, lost over $1000, lost my car, lost my laptop, said I was at fault for another human being's stupidity, and to top it all of, my grades have been affected by my stress and my stress has caused me migraines.

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the world took a giant shit on my life

Posted by anonymous at November 8, 2011
Tags: Auto   Money   2011 November   Relationship

So this last week i got dumped over a text. We've been dating for almost a year. Two days after I get dumped, my car breaks down on the 405. And now it needs thousands of dollars worth of repair. I can't afford it. So I've decided to sell it. And then my grandma complains about taking me everywhere because I've become an inconvenience to her. Now I'm carless, boyfriendless, my grandma doesn't like me and I have a shit ton of homework my professors assigned me.

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Fuck It

Posted by Loser at October 29, 2011
Tags: Auto   Job   Money   2011 October

I enlisted in the Marine Corps back in 03. On my drive home from Cali to Texas, I flipped my truck (totaling it) and lost everything I owned except clothes (which survived). Family picked me up from the emergency room! Spent the next few weeks getting back on track, new phone, new car, heeled from the wreck, closed on a house. Started classes at a community college during a winter mini. Found a job paying shit and enrolled full time in courses. Boss was a complete asshole, and I quit after 8 months of trying my hardest. Jobless for a month or two until I found another job paying slightly better. For the year contract I had one Saturday off. I was either in classes or at work that entire year. Decided not to work and take 21 hours of classes to finish up quickly. Graduated in August with a business degree. It is now Oct 29, I am officially out of my Marine Corps contract. Since college, now job, living with family, car broke down. I cant fix my car, I cant afford anything. Trying to get a job? Cant find a job that pays even the same as my job prior to my degree. I'm pretty sure I cant get hired from stereotypes about Marines. True, some people would be eager to hire a Marine. To do manual labor, not business. Hiring managers thank me for my service but don't hire. So in all. I fucked my life over by getting out of the military. Why do people thank veterans anyways? For continuing our nations dependence on oil? Or the fact I have put my self several years back. I now compete against other recent graduates, in a market which is not hiring. On top of that I have to miss out on opportunities because ridiculous stereotypes about veterans. What makes it bad luck? I am now 28 years old, completely in debt, have no transportation, no income, live with my sister,and cant pursue my career. I find a company that wants me to join their leadership July. My life inst so bad, try finding a girl that is interested in a jobless,car-less, homeless, broke ass that can't even afford a date to McDonalds. I also still owe my school $2400, not sure what I will do when I need to prove my education to an employer. Its Halloween weekend and I cant even afford a costume. Christmas is around the corner, no presents from your broke ass Uncle! People might think I should just get any job in the mean time. Ya, I put myself in debt to work for nothing! So in regards, I have went from pretty good life, pursued a degree to nothing. Alright Class 2011!!!

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Cursed Car

Posted by Cory at August 6, 2011
Tags: 2011 August   Auto

I was leaving sonic with this girl and i get pulled over for not using my signal and he asks why im not driving with license but i am in fact driving with one i just havent renewed it to get my six months restrictions off so he told me to drop the girl off at her house and followed me all the way there and it was very embarassing and then the next morning im on my way to soccer and im running late and everyone around me is going the same speed and we pass a highway patrol and he turns on his lights and of course pulls me over and gives me a $202 ticket well then a couple hours later i get home and go to get something out of my car and i go to open it and its locked i dont know how it is but it is and my keys are in the passengers seat so now i cant go anywhere and is going to cost more money to get my keys out......

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Bad Luck Bear

Posted by Meads at April 9, 2011
Tags: 2011 April   Auto   Trauma

Okay..I brought a brand new 2010 Toyota Corolla..I have this car less than three weeks and have been involved in three accidents...all those three times I was hit from behind..I am scared to drive the car..when the first accident happened 2 weeks ago, I was injured and my back is has been hurting ever I get the rental and they only had JEEPS available, the jeep took 80 to fill up, next I switched for a cheaper car and I went to school and was given a ticket for not having a has been hell cause I have not made my first payment on the car..i feel i brought the car from HELL..bith men that hit me were total jerks and tried to use humor to lighten the serious situation...

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only in a week

Posted by boss123 at March 7, 2011
Tags: Accident   Auto   Broken Stuff   2011 March

so this is in a 5 day period.

1. broke my left mirror on my car
2. was in my friends car and got into a car accident.
2. cracked my phone
3. got my car stuck at least 3 times between the two storms upstate has had in the last week and a half
4. ipod fried from the snow
5. locked my keys in the car while trying to dig my car out, luckly used a coat hanger to pop the lock. To end up locking my keys in my car about 5 seconds afterward due to a lock malfunction.
6. and got a speeding ticket

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Posted by Stephanie at June 8, 2010
Tags: Auto   2010 June   Law

I don't how this haapened but they had the drug dog do a search for frugs and they said could check our lockers and cars. My father bought used car. While they searching cars the hit on my car only out of 2,432 cars. iwas called to the parking lot to unlock my car. The officer searched and found a small amount of pott in the with a pipe some other drug items. they asked why i had drugs in my car I told enide it and i told them that never seen the stuff. they made dog sniff me but he dog did find anything on me. The took my pourse and searched it and found nothing The cop told me to put my hands on the car and he cuffed me. When got the female oficer told me to take off my jewelery and put it in my purse and she took my purse. she took another and told me to strip naked. She told she had to do a strip search. She gave an orange jump suit and told me to rtake shower. She let have my phne call and I called my father. He came with the history of the car. They would let bail me out until the next day. They think my father fabricated the history of my car. At my hear for bail i told the judge to please call the dealer. He did and he told me the car was bought at acution the police let me go but my car was taken All ended with was my tags. My father bought me new car and i know it has no drugs in it. It has that new car smell.

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Auto accident truama

Posted by Samantha at June 2, 2010
Tags: Accident   Auto   2010 June   Trauma

I had got int a terrible Accident on the intersate after another car hit from the side and I collided with a tractor trailer. Two tractor trailers and 3 cars were ivoloved in the accident and I got the worse part. I was knck out fro the impact of the tractor trailer. I woke to the doctors at he hospital cutting off my clothes. I was stripped nude the even cut off my bra and underwear. the cover witha sheet and tok me for X-rau\ys CAT scan anda head CT. I had some head truama my head was rapped up I was able to kep my hair on my head. chrges wre filed to the woman that cuased the accident and she was drunk when she hit me. My car is totaled. I sue for my car and oaib abd suffering. My back and neck never covered I am not paralized thank fuly just whiplash and some ruptured discs is all it is. Now have trouble remebering things. what do think about women drivers now.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at April 27, 2010
Tags: 2010 April   Auto   Broken Stuff

I've had a Geo Prizm for a couple of years, about 6 months ago the Alternator broke, 3 months ago it overheated and the radiator needed to be replaced. I had scheduled a winter intersession class for college, but then the headgasket blew, and I couldn't drive to school, so I cancelled the class and didn't get a refund. I had to borrow my grandfathers minivan to get to college today for the spring semester, and the damn thing overheated on me the second day I've had it and the first day I actually needed it. So now due to my shitty luck, I've missed my first day of college.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at April 23, 2010
Tags: Accident   2010 April   Auto

Well it started off a really nice car, no imperfections whatso ever...and i picked up a right bargain ...

then after having a LOT of bad luck with it, some disabled pensioner drove into me on a roundabout, so that was a new door out of the way then, for some reason nobody knows my car rolled down a hill, over a kerb and into some railings with nobody in it and the car locked, after i watched it from a distance happen i got in and checked the handbrake, it was still in the up posistion very firmly, very strange in my opinion, and nobody has an explanation,
the car traveled about 30 meters before it stopped...
and now i cant get any more pissed off...
as today i was meant to be on leave from work till the 4th of jan.. and i cant even get home from the place i work...

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at April 19, 2010
Tags: Accident   2010 April   Auto

I had a bad luck accident on Friday in the city. I stopped my car to wait for my fren at No Standing zone and at the back of a bus. and the bus reversed, the stupid old driver didn't see me, and he smashed into my front. and he said that it is also my fault that I stopped the car at No Standing zone too.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at April 7, 2010
Tags: Accident   2010 April   Auto

I got my brand new 325 sparkling graphite, heated seats, sat prep, adaptive cruise in yesterday. Man on man was I excited. I've been waiting two months for this car. It's the first one I ever ordered and my first BMW. The car drives like a dream. But two hours into my ownership of my sweet new ride, a cat runs out in front of me and slams into my bumper.... I pulled over and found that it crumpled the whole drivers side portion of my bumper... Talk about a buzz kill. I didn't even have 70 miles on the car. How's that for being born under a bad sign?

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at March 20, 2010
Tags: Accident   Auto   2010 March

stopped at a stop sign somebody else takes corner short and totals my car. insurance is only going to pay enough to cover what I have left on loan. and of course after a recent divorce my credit is now in the crapper . being a single mom with three chidern and working just to survive leaves me not much money no way to get credit and now I have no vechicle either.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at March 19, 2010
Tags: Auto   Broken Stuff   2010 March

went to put fuel in my pickup the other night out of our bulk fuel tank... and it was empty, no big deal, drove to town fille it up but while i was at home i put some additive with anti-gel in it, and went home. Next night, went to start it, starter was not working. brand new starter not even a year old, ok that fine, took the mega came home clikced the key a few times, third time she started, and started 3 times in a row, went to bed, got up started it in the morning, she purred in the -24 degrees then, she started going nuts, almost dying reving up, almost dying again i ran down stairs and before i could get to her she died. dam... so i got a ride, came back later that night, didnt worry about it. today, push it into the shop to warm her up and ungel, go to try and start it, click, clikc, click, click, starter not working, then not even a click turn the key silence. get down to tap the starter and look at the wires, 2 of the starter bolts are loose, one completely GONE! a wire was also loose, found a new bolt, tightened all three, tightened wire again, but still gelled and wont start so she is sitting in the shop now hopefully she will start in the morning...

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at March 6, 2010
Tags: Auto   2010 March

Had fun and games ove the weekend.
took the turbo to himley hall. no problems on the way there, however about 2 miles from home a pipe blew off the oil cooler and proceeded to emply the entire contents of the sump all over the under side of the car, front brake discs tyres etc and was empty in 500 yards.

luckily i spotted it prety much straight away (only doing about 35mph) and de clutched and coasted to a safe place to stop and it was still running so there was still fuel in the carb even though the fuel pump had stopped.
i was passing a Ford dealer at the time so went there to try and get oil after i re attached the pipe. unfortunately they were unable to get to their parts dept do a nice sales man drove me to a near by petrol station and back to the car.
doesnt seem to be any the worst for the moment, but will keep an eye on it.
need to get new pads though as they got well coverd with oil.
At least it wont rust for a while.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at March 2, 2010
Tags: Accident   Auto   2010 March

When i was 21 i bought a 1999 Honda Accord, and 2 days later when i was crusing along the motorway and old aged woman who was just pulling on to the motorway hit the passenger side of my Honda. I beeped at her about 6 times because she had crashed my first car and i knew my parents would blame it on me. I pulled over on the hard shoulder and looked at the damage and the whole left side was damaged beyond repair.

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