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Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 25, 2010
Tags: Accident   Auto   2010 February

Brought a new car for me (Second hand) the other day. Got about 10 minutes from the garage down a main road and there was a turning on my left. As i cam round the corner the car coming towards me on the other side of the road started to turn right down the rd on my left. He then saw me and stopped in front of me on my side of the rd.
I had no where to go managed to turn and hit the front of his wing. Had a witness who said it was his fault.
The engineer fixing the car for the insurance company will not fix any damage to the drivers side, as I hit him on my passanger side as he cant see how this was caused in the crash (Scratches marks ect).. Despite just picking it up from the garage.
I have now had to take out anothe claim to get this fixed.

Anyone else had bad luck with new cars.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 19, 2010
Tags: Accident   Auto   Broken Stuff   2010 February

I look out the front window to discover that a limb had blown off the nieghbors tree and landed squarley on the side of my truck. Numerous holes in the tonneau cover, numerous scratches all over the side and top of truck and morning revealed at least 1 small dent.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at November 9, 2009
Tags: Auto   November 2009

It has now been about five months since I got my motorcycle. Iíve had lots of fun with it. I have also been through a lot of bad luck which has upset me very much. Now, I am back at the temple with the bike. I am outside waiting for the monk to come back from his alms round. I will ask him to bless my bike to get the good luck back.

Since February, the first day I got my bike, until now there have been quite a lot of accidents and problems happen to my bike and me. Especially the latest accident that just happened. It was a very big one. That reminded me about what my mum said when I first bought the bike. She told me to take the bike to the temple to have it blessed but I didnít listen.

Even after the first time one of my friends crashed my bike, I still didnít listen to what she said. Now, I am very sorry that I didnít listen to her. If I had taken my bike to let the monk bless it earlier, my friend might not have ended up in hospital and I might not have had lots of bad luck.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at October 15, 2009
Tags: Auto   Money   October 2009

I've had a terrible last few weeks. My car broke down, and it'll cost $1,000 to fix it. I'm enrolled in grad school without a scholarship; so that equals way too much for me to afford. I tried to ride a bike part of the way to school, but the chain got stuck and it took me a while--with a screwdriver and hammer--to get it free.

My dad doesn't work--just plays solitaire--and so my family is in constant need of money.

The fast-food place where I work decided not to schedule me next week. I edited $250 worth of documents for someone and she never gave me my money, just disappeared. Today, I was trying to mail a package and the only FedEx I could get to on the way to school was the only FedEx where their mailing system had been wiped out by the storms here.

This is driving me crazy!

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