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Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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Posted by Thomas at September 15, 2012
Tags: Health   2012 September   Weather

Why can't ever get out of the bad luck on my birthday Either some wea bad weather comes or the state get s flooed or I am sick and I am begining to hate it Why me. Get sick with a kidney stone and wait till the next two to deal with it. I hate feeling this wy but my birthday is bad for myself and other folks and some folks I don't even know. Iam tired of this becuase every year it the same old shit that I out up with.. last i din't feel so good. I hope i recover before my birthday. I week tor ecover.

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I feel like I was a mistake from the start

Posted by JC at August 22, 2012
Tags: 2012 August   Health

My mom had me for a promised 50,000 bucks from my dad. From that ignoble beginning, things have never really worked out. Dad never gave the money and my mom never really forgave me. I had to make up for it by being a poster child for her supposed success.

Every day I had to stand by her side while my dad yelled and beat us. Being a property owner, he was always too timid to demand rent from any non-paying renter and he used us as the main scapegoat. Meanwhile, we were all reduced to poverty status for many years as my dad kept starting new projects he had no idea of how to handle, leading to further losses and years of fruitless work for us all.

I did quite well in school, but was always considered unusual. When college came around, I was forced to stay at home and work on two jobs to support the family as my dad began his crowning mother of all business projects. As expected, it was a huge disaster and my mom was forced to resolve all the issues, which gave her a heart attack at the age of 53.

Though the main artery was almost completely blocked, she recovered, but my college experience became five years of hell. I turned to alcohol, cigarettes, and weed. I dont know how I managed to graduate and hold down the jobs with at least satisfactory performance. The only thing keeping me sane was work, which paid quite well and which I enjoyed.

But I was never able to find a girlfriend or meaningful companionship. My my very nature, I cannot switch my feelings toward people. I only feel an intense, permanent love for the same girl, which has lasted my entire adult life, making me unable to find any substitute. But she never saw me as a potential boyfriend, and I was forced to watch her get bamboozled by boyfriend after abusive boyfriend.

So here I am, an emotional wreck, forever regarded as a social misfit, always espying starry-eyed at the same girl I feel I can never get, and slowly being destroyed my my inner demons of alcholism.

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Posted by Thomas at May 13, 2012
Tags: Health   2012 May

I am is some bad and it is not kidney stone this time is some type od cyst. It mad my back and legs hurt and now my leg and back or fine but my left hip hurts and I can't sit for long eproids of without being in pain so i lay in bed and watch TV. I need to fugure out smeway to sit withou bing inpain. Worse mother Day ever.

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Posted by Thomas at January 31, 2012
Tags: Health   2012 January

I got through the last holidys fine I have ad my kidney stones reomved beofre the I got a cold. I was not sock on X-mas or new years. I never celibrate MLK Jr. day That is just like any other. I must work. I took too much becuase I felt ill. I the most dependible unless I am sick and I do get notes from doctors and all the dead wood needs to be fired and get some folks who need a job. If you are ASE certified you can be a machanic and work cars Iknow how to fix a desil engine. i jst fix three tractor trailer trucks. I work on cars too.

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Got sick on thanksgiving

Posted by Thomas at November 27, 2011
Tags: Health   2011 November

I have been and this second holiday that I have ben sick on. I am 39 and I was sick on Halloween and Ihad kidnay stone and I wen to the EE to make sure. Acute nurse walked in on me while I was down to my underwear changing into the gown. I got cold Wednesday night and it got worse on thanksgiving. Not the flubecuase I have had my flu shot. My nose running like a leakey foucet. I am coughcoughing and sneezing. Can't sleep have weird dreams and taking Sudafed. Having run on Puffs Plus with lotion. I can't handle vapor rub. wha tis next. Get a cluster headache on X-mas

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Sick so close to my birthday

Posted by Thomas at September 20, 2011
Tags: Health   2011 September

I will b e 38 Thuraday Septamber the 22. Sundy moring I became ill. I am pain and have sharp pain in my stomach and I can't get rid of it unless I eat somethin like Chef Boy Ardee. Good food! I have been able to do numkber 2 for last 51 hours i know hwen i got at 2 AM Sunday Morning. Ican' sleep without being in agony. I really hate it.

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what next?

Posted by timmy at May 9, 2011
Tags: Health   2011 May   Money

In one week, I get a speeding ticket, my mother dies, my kid gets a double ear infection, my cv axel goes out in my truck, I get to figure a way to help pay for a 10 thousand dollar funeral, my gold fish dies, while I'm gone a lot taking care of stuff my dog pisses all over my house and tears my garbage apart in my house, I miss a weeks load of college and get docked some points so good by deans list, my boyfriend is totally not understanding why I don't get his laundry done and wants to yell at me about it. Like I said what the hell is next! I finally just got to the point of such anger I could only look at the sky and say "GOOD ONE!"

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Posted by ldiablo at January 6, 2011
Tags: Accident   Health   2011 January   Relationship

the past 3 years of my life, ive endured not only hardship. ive endured a lifetime of struggle and emotional highs and lows. First, my girlfreind of 2 years left me and started having sex with another guy literally a day later. i broke my leg. my grandfather (bestfreind, went to his house everyday taught me everything i know and all of my morals) died. my mother cheated on my father. i got in 2 car accidents within 1 week of getting my liscence. my other grandfather has been diagnosed with brain cancer. and as of now i cant keep an erection half the time while fooling around with my girlfriend. ive played and worked on golf nonstop for this 3 years and i still am not very good.

so why does such hardship fall on me? a 17 year old kid. i dont know but i have so much bullshit on my plate that i dont know what to do. im not exactly depressed but all that shit in 3 yrs??? my treasure is further in life i guess

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Good or Bad Luck

Posted by SSJ at November 19, 2010
Tags: Health   Lost   2010 November


I was just wondering if u all cud plez help me with something?

Are these instances examples of GOOD or BAD luck?

1)I lost over $100.00 on a crowded main road but got it back. Is it bad that i lost it or good that i got it back?

2) I never miss an episode of Vampire Diaries but at the exact time that it was suppose to start (8:00pm) current went- AT THAT EXACT MOMENT- I was really pissed off but the power came back on 35 minutes later. So is it bad luck that current chose that exact time 2 go or is it good luck that it came back b4 the episode was done?

3)I live in a tropical country and i just found out that i faint whenever the sun is too hot.Well, i fainted 2day in the middle of a crowded station but was it bad luck that i fainted or good luck that i didn't hit the floor as a friend held me up?

Thanks 4 takin the time to read this. I know that it is not as bad as the other stories but i'd just like your opinion please!

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2 years bad luck and no end in sight

Posted by Wheelock at November 6, 2010
Tags: Broken Stuff   Health   2010 November

My long string of bad luck started November 2008. I think I cursed myself because the 3 weeks before all this started I was playing around on Halloween with spells and chants from the internet and burning a white candle. In November 2008 my daughter started getting into trouble at school and still is, got the flu in December that year that ruined my Christmas. In February 2009 got cockroaches in apartment. Exterminators came four times. Sometimes exterminators wouldn't even return my calls. In April my car broke down and was told it was not worth fixing. Walked everywhere for six weeks on a worsening arthritic knee. All cars I test drived had obvious problems...such as Check Engine light on and shaking in front end. Summer 2009 had bad toothache. September 2009 new car started leaking water under passenger side floor. September 2009, routine mammogram came up with unknown problem. October 2009, got cold that lasted two months with two secondary infections. November 2009 lifted heavy mirror while house cleaning, hurt back with bulged disk which is still achey and sore a lot of the time, December 2009 knee arthitis turned severe. Tenant in the other half of my duplex committed suicide, so I was thinking I was haunted for months after. Another bad mammogram in March 2010. Just recently my daughter was in a car accident in a car stolen by her underage friend. My daughter's friend ran the cell phone bill up $300 in one month in July 2010. Now I owe $576 right away or I'll be in collection. They said they would settle for $365 in 30 days which is impossible for me to pay because I'm on social assistance and Christmas is 1 month away. And...tonight the Check Engine light comes on in my car. There were other things along the way too...I truly think that I have cursed myself or am suffering from bad karma. No amount of negative thinking could cause all of these problems.

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Have my clothes cut off.

Posted by Kristi at July 11, 2010
Tags: Health   2010 July   Money

I work for Galaxy Enterprises we make campers motor homes travler traier and RVs. We got out oof meeting with a dealer to sell our trailers and other fun things. When back began to hurt me and I pased from the pain and I woke up as my colleage was pulling in to the hospital with my personal car. I was in the ER. They would let undress myself the cut my coat skirt blouse slip floral pattern bra and matching panties stockings and pulled off my heels. If iwas told get undressed I would of I hate thamy black business suit and white blouse are ruined I don't care about my stockins slip bra and panties. My jewelery was carefully removedand no cuttng was involved there. Lady if you are ever and you go to the ER make sure you are wearing clothes you don't care about becuase there will be a chance that your clothes will be cut off of you. I made pay for the suit that they wrecked and the blouse too.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at June 2, 2010
Tags: Health   2010 June

well my boyfriend plays football & one day he got a scar on his face while playin on the field , it was a real bad cut . so of course we make out alot & whatever but two weeks later ifound that istarted to get the same thing on my face . & it started spreadin to the back of my ear . my mom took me to the doctor & he said icaught Staph Infection from somebody . iwas like damn ! but he didnt know it was staph & neither did I .

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at April 15, 2010
Tags: 2010 April   Health

So lets begin my whining/complaining story. Actually, I find this more amusing than anything, this isn't meant as a complaint, but I figure it might lighten up someone elses day.

So I recently became single, by choice though, so no big deal. Of course the worst thing for a single guy who is dating to catch, besides an STD is Mono a.k.a the kissing virus. So of course guess what i got. Yup, you guessed it, Mono... so that put my dating on hold for a few weeks.

Now this wouldn't have been to bad, but it led to me being immuno suppressed. Not a big deal if you don't get sick/injured. But of course there was the office softball game. first inning, first time at bat, running to first base I tripped and messed up my leg from my knee to my ancle and severely sprained my ankle. Being a guy and all, i played the rest of the 9 innings (we were going to 10 but it started to rain). Now this doesn't sound to bad. A sprained ankle is nothing, but there is this nasty scrape on my ankle and foot. Being immuno suppressed like I am, it gets infected despite the very painful cleaning, peroxide and most of a tube of anti-biotic ointment liberally applied.

So off to the hostpital I go. After some amusing looks and the doctor making fun of me (he's seen me before, i have a bit of a history at this hostpital), I walk away with a prescription for antibiotics, and directions to use crutches for a few days. Not a big deal, hopefully this will clear up the infection and i'll be fine.

Of course not. I wake up with my foot about 50% red and quite sore. The infection is getting worse. Back to the hostpital I go. This time, IV antibiotics. I got that, and find out I have to come back the next 3 days and get more antibiotics adminitered throught IV. So they left the shunt in. Of course the shunt isn't properly placed, so its driving me nuts. Add that to my lack of mobility (i'm trying to take it easy on the ankle so i don't have to use crutches at work tomorrow, i'll never live that down) I'm going insane.

So if anyone else is having a worse time than me, Post it here and brighten my day. If anyone was having a bad day, read this and laughed at me, then i'm glad i could cheer up your day.

Of course, things come in 3's, so i'm scared to see what the other two will be.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 11, 2010
Tags: 2010 February   Health   Trauma

one night after going back to the hotel from an amazing show i passed out and woke up to go to the bathroom cause i was feeling sick, looked in the mirror blacked out. ended up hitting my face on the side of the tub or floor not sure since i was unconscious......well went to the bed felt that i had sliced my tongue and chipped one of my teeth in the back and saw all this blood on my pillow. got up to what looked like i had ripped i chunk off of my chin but really i had spilt open my chin so at 4:30am i had to go to the hospital and get painful shots and my first stiches. i can't eat real food for about a month and i could have possibly fractured my jaw D: they wanted to wire my mouth shut but i said fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that. i need some pain pills cause this is probably some of the worst pain ever. fucking bad luck.

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Will my bad luck ever end?

Posted by anonymous at December 31, 2009
Tags: December 2009   Health   Money

Hi i need to know whether my life will turn around again. Over a year ago i moved back to my home town to look after my ill mother with my b/f of 3 years. 8 mnths ago i watched by her bedside as she passed away which was quite disturbing. Two weeks after that i found out i was pregnant which we had been trying for about 2 years. During that time i lost my full time job and had stupidly blown all of my work money on helping my b/f buy a car. About 4 mnths ago my partner had just started to drift away from me and sleep with his new boss which i had to find out from a friend of his. At christmas time my dog had died in my arms on the way to the vets. I have since had 2 car accidents and have now slipped into depression and my old ways of not eating properly which is hurting the baby. And just the other day i found out the woman who was so close to my mother before she passed and had become a sort of adopted mother has a tumour on her kidney. I just dont see a light at the end of the tunnel. I know i should be happy that i am going to give birth in a few weeks but i just feel like nothing is going to go right like i have been cursed and i dont know how to fix it. My ex partner still says he loves me but does not know what he wants to do. The stress of him alone is killing me. Can you see any good coming into my life and will my ex finally decide that he wants to be with me?

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at December 8, 2009
Tags: December 2009   Health   Money

I have had some bad luck lately, out of work right

now and need some money until I get new job, I have had a bypass in the last two years and take medications for my heart, but now am down to my last five dollars, I took all the money I had a paid rent and electric, should have food for another week maybe two if I stretch it. I have alppied for many jobs already about 40 but have not gotten any good leads, or call backs, I hate to be in this position and know that I am not the only one in this type of position. I have help others the best I can and still help them when I can, but at the point that I need help. I had just moved to a new place to be close to work I no longer have, I have to renew my plates next month for car and I hope I will have a job by then but my birthday is only 10 days away now, and donít know how I am even going to pay for that, need to have my car to get work, it just sucks every thing right now, and being alone.

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