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Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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Fuck It

Posted by Loser at October 29, 2011
Tags: Auto   Job   Money   2011 October

I enlisted in the Marine Corps back in 03. On my drive home from Cali to Texas, I flipped my truck (totaling it) and lost everything I owned except clothes (which survived). Family picked me up from the emergency room! Spent the next few weeks getting back on track, new phone, new car, heeled from the wreck, closed on a house. Started classes at a community college during a winter mini. Found a job paying shit and enrolled full time in courses. Boss was a complete asshole, and I quit after 8 months of trying my hardest. Jobless for a month or two until I found another job paying slightly better. For the year contract I had one Saturday off. I was either in classes or at work that entire year. Decided not to work and take 21 hours of classes to finish up quickly. Graduated in August with a business degree. It is now Oct 29, I am officially out of my Marine Corps contract. Since college, now job, living with family, car broke down. I cant fix my car, I cant afford anything. Trying to get a job? Cant find a job that pays even the same as my job prior to my degree. I'm pretty sure I cant get hired from stereotypes about Marines. True, some people would be eager to hire a Marine. To do manual labor, not business. Hiring managers thank me for my service but don't hire. So in all. I fucked my life over by getting out of the military. Why do people thank veterans anyways? For continuing our nations dependence on oil? Or the fact I have put my self several years back. I now compete against other recent graduates, in a market which is not hiring. On top of that I have to miss out on opportunities because ridiculous stereotypes about veterans. What makes it bad luck? I am now 28 years old, completely in debt, have no transportation, no income, live with my sister,and cant pursue my career. I find a company that wants me to join their leadership July. My life inst so bad, try finding a girl that is interested in a jobless,car-less, homeless, broke ass that can't even afford a date to McDonalds. I also still owe my school $2400, not sure what I will do when I need to prove my education to an employer. Its Halloween weekend and I cant even afford a costume. Christmas is around the corner, no presents from your broke ass Uncle! People might think I should just get any job in the mean time. Ya, I put myself in debt to work for nothing! So in regards, I have went from pretty good life, pursued a degree to nothing. Alright Class 2011!!!

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Run out of luck

Posted by Joker at October 27, 2011
Tags: Job   2011 October

I came out from my bachelor degree during the recession year (2008), and that time I can't get myself employed with average CGPA. Thus, I continued on grad studies for another two year, and recently graduated. Another wave of economy flux again screw my job application, and I have been jobless since half a year ago.

I tried to send as many as I could, only 4 interviews up until now. The one company I'm hoping for is screwing with me, pending my application after the interviews session for about one month plus. This luck is starting to get on my nerves....

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Posted by Jmo at October 5, 2011
Tags: Job   2011 October

October has always been bad luck for me, 6 years ago my best friend and brother died, and every year since then I've been dead broke in october, this year I found out I'm gonna be a father that part is good but it sux because I only have a part time job and my wife has the full time job, so right away I look for work and 4 months later still can't get hired, and today my car breaks down, I almost get fired then I get home to find out my wife lost her job. Looks like my baby will be born homeless since rent was due today and I don't have a dime.

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Losing my house, job, and future

Posted by HorribleWeek at June 20, 2011
Tags: Job   2011 June   Money

I moved to a big city a year ago in hopes of getting into a certain grad school program. Wouldn't you know, I found a job that I loved and gave me a free place to live, and I got accepted into my dream program which is supposed to start this August 2011.

Fast forward exactly 1 year later...

In the last two weeks, I was coerced out of my job, thus losing my place as well. I barely have enough money to sublet over the summer at a friend's apartment. I was relying on an addition PLUS loan to help cover the rest of my tuition for grad school and help me survive, so I thought I'd be able to find a new place to stay and such no problem. Today, I'm told my loan application was completely denied (which means I can't even afford the program, let alone having a place to move into and stay).

I have no idea what I'm going to do next.

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it cant get worse

Posted by drew at May 1, 2011
Tags: Job   Law   2011 May   Money   Relationship

2 months ago I moved into new house with a wonderful girl. Next day I got fired for stupid reasons from pizza place I was working at. 1 week later I get pulled over and my license is suspended evidently from a previously unpaid speeding ticket, so no license and had to sell car to pay fine. Move forward another week the girl breaks up with me shortly after we got a place together. Move up 2 more weeks I get court papers for a incident that happened many yrs ago so I may go to jail for a few years. So from complete bliss with new house (my first own place) with a girl I loved entirely and a cute puppy to carless licenseless jobless moving back in with parents and could go to jail because no one I know has money for good attorney. And my puppy is a adorable pain in the butt. Go from peaceful and quiet own place to hectic parents with many pets and little kids running around. Truly a messed up life right now

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Posted by anonymous at November 10, 2010
Tags: Job   2010 November

My problems started in Oct 2005, when I applied for a job in my city. I had worked at my previous job for ten years and they transferred me an hour away from my house. I took it because I had just brought a new car. A couple of weeks later I found out that a new store was opening in my town, it was five minutes from my house and it paid more money. (The grass is not always greener on the other side) I applied and was turned down twice for this job and I was shocked when they called me back. Well when I go there everybody was stealing, lying, trash talking and nobody trusted anyone. I was the nicest manager there and it got me fired. I got stabbed in the back because of a rumor. And the crazy thing is nobody from the original crew is there today, they all got fired, karma is a bitch. I still had my part time job so I was able to pay my bills. One day a friend told me about another management job. I applied and I was hired on the spot. Once I got there everything was fine until I got transferred to anot...

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Pick me

Posted by anonymous at October 16, 2010
Tags: Broken Stuff   Job   Money   2010 October

My job was made redundant and got a nice payout of $10500 which was really good as it would keep me going for a few months. My folks and brother told me to put a bit of it on bills etc, and I decided to go on a holiday, I had it all planned out I was really excited to go I havent really been on a holiday with a bit of money before I thought who cares this will not happen again all was falling into place.
Until I went to get my car fixed for coolant issue, first they said it was the water pump $717, still didn't work it was the thermostat $396. When that didn't work they told me the engine was toast that the radiator was done and I would need a replacement engine for them to tell me this was $874.they then said it would cost me $4000 for a second hand engine or $10000 for a brand new one, there was no way i could afford that now.From all there bills it came to $2000. My car ended up being towed to my house and sat in my back yard. I looked around for help to get a cheaper engine and...

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The King of No-Cent pocket but will K_l_

Posted by Master of Bad Luck at August 11, 2010
Tags: 2010 August   Job

I was a businessman and producing enough and became a famous personality / businessman in a capital city. Unfortunately one of my known person came with a fraud minded fellow and tricked me and request me to come for a joint venture. Unfortunately my bad time was starting and I signed up a deal. The deal is to develop a project for which the initial investments was done by this fraud minded fellow and 2 of his known friends (All are the master cheaters) and I have to invest by collecting from others and my investment too. But I have to complete the project. My investment will be 80 present when the project is completed in 2 to 3 years time. Unfortunately it was not completed and I came to know that they are trying their level best to block me off the project and not to succeed with the completion. The time was limited and the project is semi finished with my money in the project, they wanted to take off the project and pressurizing me in all the ways without paying me a cent of my money invested. They are Muslims and Iím a Hindu by religion. Is this said in Islam to rob others money and change words and trick people? Is this the way Muslims make money? My sleep is gone for past years. Never do business with Muslims. The dirty minded pigs.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at May 21, 2010
Tags: Job   2010 May

Things were looking up. I got a second job, while my first was working out really well. So I decided to help my brother out with a job. Unfortunately I had lied about certain qualifications for myself when having acquired the second job. My brother went in for the job interview, couldn't keep his mouth shut long enough to make it through his interview, blew my spot up. And now I've lost one job while the other one is coming to an end (temp position for the loss).

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Posted by anonymous at April 1, 2010
Tags: 2010 April   Job

3 months or so before I graduated College, I had the opportunity to have a dream job that would also allow me to complete school and at the same time make a professional salary. The job was in the field that I was studying for which was Business Management with an Accounting concentration. I was an average student but I networked myself into getting this job interview and so my opportunity truly was one that most people wouldn't get.

I was so sure that I had this job that I went to several dealerships test driving Volvo, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes and all of the high end cars. I was even looking at luxury apartments. The job title that I was going for was something like Account Specialist and the salary was more than most college students make even right after graduation, let alone right before graduation. I was hyped up about my future but unfortunately the day of the interview I woke up only an hour before I was supposed to be at the interview.

The interview was a half hour away on a good ...

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at March 28, 2010
Tags: Broken Stuff   Job   2010 March

Nothing but bad luck lately, I'm hoping it ends soon.

I have to move again, really sucks.

My van is getting worse now, too many problems with it.

Termite damage.

Another object hit my van.

Work has been slow and we're about to lose a client.

Bad things don't come in 3s, they come in more.

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Worse Night Ever

Posted by All for Nothing at February 14, 2010
Tags: 2010 February   Job

Last night was the worse night ever! My husband, his boss, and their wives had all decided to go to Dallas in a limo for valentines day. My husband has only been working there for about 5 months and his boss is a total dick (car salesmen) and cusses and treats my husband like his personal slave. This is a career change for my husband, but he complains every night about how this guy fucks him out of money, and if he makes any money he has to buy the fat ass food the next day. So anyway, I met some of the wives at his work yesterday, and they were stand offish, so I told this one she was pretty ( she was ok, I could tell this was what she lived for). Well she started flipping her hair and acting like she was a super model. My husband got home from work at 700 and we had to meet them at 830. My husband couldn't find his shirt buttons and I had to use my earings, and we were running late. We get in my car and my husband is driving 40 miles over speed limit, I asked him to slow down but he ignored me. We get there and they said they were getting ready to leave us, seriously, (we all paid for limo and my husband called). Well I proceeded to get hammered (not on purpose) and my husband said I was agravating everyone. BTW my husband had to sit on floor, because no one would move over. I told his boss that I would appreciate if he treated my husband better, because he thought alot of him. He told my husband to clean out his desk on Monday, and my husband is so mad at me. He said he was gonna look for another job, but didn't want it to happen this way. I feel like shit, and my marriage is down tube.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 3, 2010
Tags: 2010 February   Job   Lost   Money

My recent bad luck:

1.) I had to leave the theater to go to the emergency room, because, for no reason at all my heart started beating at around 200 beats per minute and wouldn't stop.

2.) At the hospital, I realize the person (friend who was with me) whom I had given my wallet to in the theater as I was rushedly leaving and dropping all my things, had lost my wallet--with my insurance card in it.

3.) Even tracing everywhere we went, searching the parking lot and the theater and asking theater people who had cleaned up the next day if they found it, my wallet was gone. It had a TON of personal information in it, driver's permit, social security card, two debit cards, etc etc. Lost. Great.

4.) After a period of time and calling police departments, public sanitation (the people who clean the roadsides), etc, etc, I couldn't find it, broke down, put a freeze on my ability to take out loans or make other large purchases, put on a credit watch, and bought a new wallet.

5.) Within a week of buying my new wallet, it was stolen. Fortunately, no ID in it since I hadn't replaced any of my ID, but I lost $15. And I couldn't get a bus ride from work back to my college, where I was supposed to meet to eave for a required field trip. I called him and explained, and he picked me up. In his truck. We rode back to campus in silence. Awkward.

6.) Finally, after coming to terms with never getting my most-recentl wallet back, I bought a new wallet. Literally two hours after I pay $20 on a new wallet, my friend says we should go check at the theater to see if they've found it and just not called me, even though I left a description, my name and all my contact info. We go over. They ask me a ton of questions... and then walk out, with my wallet. Apparently they locked it in the safe and forgot to call me. They found it two days after I had to go to the ER.

That's my story.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at January 5, 2010
Tags: 2010 January   Job   Lost

lately ive had my share of bad luck and it was literally crushing me inside and out. if it wasnt one thing it was another. i keep asking myself when is this going to end! but to every downside of the situation there is definitly an upside...

BAD TIMES...(earlier last week)

i was told by a customer at work i had a disgusting face because i wouldnt seat him and was waiting for the rest of his party to show up. I offered to seat him but refused and wanted to talk to the manager. hence me getting "talked to" by the GM which led me to tears. later that day my financial aid advisor gave me my new plan for this year and i basically didnt recieve any money so i then cried again and was thinking how could i afford this school, my water bottle leaked later in my canvas bag ruining my books, magazines, notebooks and even my brand new ipod got wet. i was super upset and it wasnt turning on. however i remembered the battery was low and prayed that somehow all it needed to be was charged up. i then misplaced my metra monthly pass when i needed it and the conductor didnt believe me plus i had no cash to pay for it. so after being embarrassed someone paid for me on the train.


so i just got my UPASS the other day and i put it in the little holder i was given. i also put my student ID in it as well. And while i was sitting at the train station it fell off my strap on my pants and i lost it. i called the lost and found at the train station and no one turned it in. so basically today i had to walk to the cta building and reapply for the UPASS i just got yesterday and already lost. so i payed another 35 bucks and now i have to wait for it to be returned to the school. and 5 bucks to have another ID printed. more money out the door.

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