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Why me?

Posted by Gagzu at August 21, 2011
Tags: 2011 August   Law   Money

So here is my storie. I'm a 15 year old boy who lives in Finland, Helsinki.. So far, this year has been a total disaster. Yes i know some times people have bad moments and all.. But this, i thought i will atleast succeed even in a single thing, but no.

in my religion, we are forbidden to smoke. Early spring I got caught smoking.. 3 times! I really wanted to stop. I got beat up by my dad. I live alone with my dad who is working allday long, i havent seen my mother for 3 years, and may not see her ever again. My studies werent going pretty well, i had to pay about 300 to my friend for crashing hes bike, it was a mistake. I got threatend by my friends mate that i will get beaten up and steal something from my house value of 500 because i was framed (Long storie). I dont know anything about my friends, as if they would think im not in this world anymore.

I'm only 15, and i wanted to get a moped license and obviously a moped, i got a brand new moped and then I applied for the license, wich only cost 50 total and you only need pass this 15 question test, which is very easy. Ok so the law was changing 1 of june, so i will have to pay about 500 to get the license and pass 5 different tests! so it will take about 4 months. So i had about 2 weeks to pass the test before the law will change. So one test costs 26, i didn't pass the test the first time, not even the second time! people were laughing on me, so i got a third time the last time (31 of may).. I didn't pass it. after that we paid 500 for the school for 4 months after that i had the fourth time the test.. i didn't pass it. I really got shocked about it, so after that i though i could just go for a short ride just a small ride around my neighbourhood (Only 5km) Guess what? The police caught me, i got a 200 fine and my licence got delayed for 6months. I just spent nearly 4000 on nothing.. nothing.

Yes i know it isnt't a sad storie, but i'm only 15 and a few years back, i had a future.. now, i dont have anything. Thanks for reading.

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it cant get worse

Posted by drew at May 1, 2011
Tags: Job   Law   2011 May   Money   Relationship

2 months ago I moved into new house with a wonderful girl. Next day I got fired for stupid reasons from pizza place I was working at. 1 week later I get pulled over and my license is suspended evidently from a previously unpaid speeding ticket, so no license and had to sell car to pay fine. Move forward another week the girl breaks up with me shortly after we got a place together. Move up 2 more weeks I get court papers for a incident that happened many yrs ago so I may go to jail for a few years. So from complete bliss with new house (my first own place) with a girl I loved entirely and a cute puppy to carless licenseless jobless moving back in with parents and could go to jail because no one I know has money for good attorney. And my puppy is a adorable pain in the butt. Go from peaceful and quiet own place to hectic parents with many pets and little kids running around. Truly a messed up life right now

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Law accident not good

Posted by Kerri at December 24, 2010
Tags: 2010 December   Law

I was backing out of a parking space and I guess I was watching what I was and I back inot a police car and it just happen to be County Sherriff's car. I never exited my car and I did not run I was so nervous The sheriff asked for my lisence and insurence. He told to step out of the car. He must thought I was drunk becuase i failed sevrl of the test he gave m becuased of how nervous I was then He tried to give a the breath lizer test and When asked what if i refuse he said I would lose y lisence for six monthes and be arrest and the could o a blood test. It did come as 0.09% and the legal here 0.08%. i was areested for drunk driving. I wonder if my mouthwash that I used before leaving messed up the machine. the did again a the Sherrif's Office at county jail. the woman oficer asked if I took mouth wash before the accident I said yes. She we do a blood test to prove you are not drunk. My car ws impounded while they messe around and they did draw after two hours of waiting then another two hours for the results. They let me go becuase the there was that i had been drinking and they waved the impoundment fee but my insurence had lapsed I found lter and i got arrested for reckles driving and no proff of Insurence. I was strip searched if want to know that.

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Not worth it.

Posted by Jenni at June 21, 2010
Tags: 2010 June   Law   Party

Me and a freind of mine were via enternet becuase we both don't have long distance on our phones. we had got n idea she she woulddoit but I had do it too. She whan she was going she did do what said She did ametur night were women who not stripper would strip and win stuff Then it came my weekend in my area she live in difrent state and city. As do I. After I stripped and was watching another stripping the cops showed and it wa raid for drugs. They told all the men to leave then they moved al the girls to nother where we could be seen by everybody. They checked the women's clothes and gave them back to us so we could dress they we were cuffed and haul to jail. Not the best to spend my weekend. i was with indecent exposure lude acts and some other chrge I forget but It goes with other two. One of the dancer told the chrges would be dropped but I never heard anything on that. Never again I could lose my job over this I used to strip at paries but I think I will need to stop. It is not worth losing my job over. I just myboss don't find out becuase I could get fired. I hope there is no court date.

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Posted by Stephanie at June 8, 2010
Tags: Auto   2010 June   Law

I don't how this haapened but they had the drug dog do a search for frugs and they said could check our lockers and cars. My father bought used car. While they searching cars the hit on my car only out of 2,432 cars. iwas called to the parking lot to unlock my car. The officer searched and found a small amount of pott in the with a pipe some other drug items. they asked why i had drugs in my car I told enide it and i told them that never seen the stuff. they made dog sniff me but he dog did find anything on me. The took my pourse and searched it and found nothing The cop told me to put my hands on the car and he cuffed me. When got the female oficer told me to take off my jewelery and put it in my purse and she took my purse. she took another and told me to strip naked. She told she had to do a strip search. She gave an orange jump suit and told me to rtake shower. She let have my phne call and I called my father. He came with the history of the car. They would let bail me out until the next day. They think my father fabricated the history of my car. At my hear for bail i told the judge to please call the dealer. He did and he told me the car was bought at acution the police let me go but my car was taken All ended with was my tags. My father bought me new car and i know it has no drugs in it. It has that new car smell.

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