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Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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Good or Bad Luck

Posted by SSJ at November 19, 2010
Tags: Health   Lost   2010 November


I was just wondering if u all cud plez help me with something?

Are these instances examples of GOOD or BAD luck?

1)I lost over $100.00 on a crowded main road but got it back. Is it bad that i lost it or good that i got it back?

2) I never miss an episode of Vampire Diaries but at the exact time that it was suppose to start (8:00pm) current went- AT THAT EXACT MOMENT- I was really pissed off but the power came back on 35 minutes later. So is it bad luck that current chose that exact time 2 go or is it good luck that it came back b4 the episode was done?

3)I live in a tropical country and i just found out that i faint whenever the sun is too hot.Well, i fainted 2day in the middle of a crowded station but was it bad luck that i fainted or good luck that i didn't hit the floor as a friend held me up?

Thanks 4 takin the time to read this. I know that it is not as bad as the other stories but i'd just like your opinion please!

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at March 9, 2010
Tags: Lost   2010 March

Just when I thought nothing else could go wrong with our planned return to UK, Ive mislaid my old cats passport. Turning the house upside down is proving useless, it is not to be found.
Has anyone any idea of what can be done in this circumstance? His passport was issued in Uk by a vet unknown as he was rescued in France after being dumped. He has a full PETS passport with bloods and waiting time, just no paperwork. He is 14 years old so re-homing is highly unlikely. I am going to speak to the vet but do not hold out much hope. This was to be his final trip home, he wouldnt be put through the trauma of travelling again at his advanced years, cannot believe I have been so daft as to lose the book.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 3, 2010
Tags: 2010 February   Job   Lost   Money

My recent bad luck:

1.) I had to leave the theater to go to the emergency room, because, for no reason at all my heart started beating at around 200 beats per minute and wouldn't stop.

2.) At the hospital, I realize the person (friend who was with me) whom I had given my wallet to in the theater as I was rushedly leaving and dropping all my things, had lost my wallet--with my insurance card in it.

3.) Even tracing everywhere we went, searching the parking lot and the theater and asking theater people who had cleaned up the next day if they found it, my wallet was gone. It had a TON of personal information in it, driver's permit, social security card, two debit cards, etc etc. Lost. Great.

4.) After a period of time and calling police departments, public sanitation (the people who clean the roadsides), etc, etc, I couldn't find it, broke down, put a freeze on my ability to take out loans or make other large purchases, put on a credit watch, and bought a new wallet.

5.) Within a week of buying my new wallet, it was stolen. Fortunately, no ID in it since I hadn't replaced any of my ID, but I lost $15. And I couldn't get a bus ride from work back to my college, where I was supposed to meet to eave for a required field trip. I called him and explained, and he picked me up. In his truck. We rode back to campus in silence. Awkward.

6.) Finally, after coming to terms with never getting my most-recentl wallet back, I bought a new wallet. Literally two hours after I pay $20 on a new wallet, my friend says we should go check at the theater to see if they've found it and just not called me, even though I left a description, my name and all my contact info. We go over. They ask me a ton of questions... and then walk out, with my wallet. Apparently they locked it in the safe and forgot to call me. They found it two days after I had to go to the ER.

That's my story.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at January 5, 2010
Tags: 2010 January   Job   Lost

lately ive had my share of bad luck and it was literally crushing me inside and out. if it wasnt one thing it was another. i keep asking myself when is this going to end! but to every downside of the situation there is definitly an upside...

BAD TIMES...(earlier last week)

i was told by a customer at work i had a disgusting face because i wouldnt seat him and was waiting for the rest of his party to show up. I offered to seat him but refused and wanted to talk to the manager. hence me getting "talked to" by the GM which led me to tears. later that day my financial aid advisor gave me my new plan for this year and i basically didnt recieve any money so i then cried again and was thinking how could i afford this school, my water bottle leaked later in my canvas bag ruining my books, magazines, notebooks and even my brand new ipod got wet. i was super upset and it wasnt turning on. however i remembered the battery was low and prayed that somehow all it needed to be was charged up. i then misplaced my metra monthly pass when i needed it and the conductor didnt believe me plus i had no cash to pay for it. so after being embarrassed someone paid for me on the train.


so i just got my UPASS the other day and i put it in the little holder i was given. i also put my student ID in it as well. And while i was sitting at the train station it fell off my strap on my pants and i lost it. i called the lost and found at the train station and no one turned it in. so basically today i had to walk to the cta building and reapply for the UPASS i just got yesterday and already lost. so i payed another 35 bucks and now i have to wait for it to be returned to the school. and 5 bucks to have another ID printed. more money out the door.

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