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Mistaken Identity

Posted by Jenny at May 30, 2010
Tags: 2010 May   Mistakes

I was drive in my 66 convertible Mustang nice car. I looked and my rear view mirror and I saw apatrols coming and when I pulled overthink he was going to pass he pulled behind me. He asked for my lisenece. he to step out of the car. He asked if he could search it and I said yes I don't what did he told to put my hands on the car then he cuffed i told I was going to leave my purse. he searched my purse and found nothing. Iwas taken to the station becuase I match the descrition on a car theif. I was embaressed becuase they strip searched me. They let have after I was searched. I called my mother to come get me out they took my figer prints and my prints did not match and that told them I was guilty of car theft and the car I was was in my nmae so they the car is mine. My mother came and got me and the police waved the impound fee on my car.

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