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My life of bad luck

Posted by anonymous at February 24, 2014
Tags: Auto   2014 February   Money

It always seems like anything that can go bad around me does. I think positive and all the other things people say but nothing seems to work. When I was a baby and being circumsized, (I don't think that's how its spelled), the scalpel broke. And just random cases of bad luck at least once a month sometimes once a week. But recently I was cut off by a truck on by motorcycle. Which caused me to crash. I wasn't hut more than scrapes. A week later I was riding with a friend in his car and we got hit on my side by a suv that ran a stop sign. A week later I get a paper in the mail saying the Texas Board Of Nursing is going to need 6 more months to review my eligibility to become a nurse so I wasn't able to start in January. Next week I get a paper in the mail saying I have gotten to many traffic violations in the past years so I am getting my license suspended. the next week I get a letter from my insurance saying that I will no longer be covered because my license will be suspended and when I go check for insurance the cheapest place I can find is around 500 a month. the next week I try to get a job again as a CNA. My interview was on February 3,2014 everything was good I got the job and they checked to make sure my CNA license was still valid. It expired February 2, 2014. I immediately send the information need to get it renewed. 5 days later I am out with friends on my last weekend before my suspension takes place. and I get pulled over for speeding and changing lanes without a blinker. Only to find out that It became a class B misdemeanor in January and I spent the weekend in jail and currently have to pay 2500 for a layer 500 to bond out and get my bike out of impound not to include the additional money for the charge and possible jail time. the next week I get the paper back for the CNA board and I put my first and last name in the wrong order so I have to resubmit it. I do this and resend it the same day. I get it back on Saturday the same week. I received the paper work and had to now send the approval letter and 95 dollar money order and the application to the testing place. I get a letter from them the next weekend saying they got the 95 dollar money order and the application but didn't get the approval letter so I need to resubmit it which will take another week for me to receive then another week to hear back from the testing place. And that is where I am at now. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the little bit of money do receive from student loans for taking a few bs classes this semester never showed up? It gets direct deposited every semester but it just happened to not show up.

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worst week ever

Posted by anonymous at January 11, 2013
Tags: 2013 January   Money

It started on Monday 7th 2013 i have been trying to start my own business for around 2 years now tried to get help but never got very far at all anyway the week before the 7th i decided to sell nearly everything i own to get my van and licensing cost around £5,000 i was so happy and Monday was going to be my first day as a self employed person come Monday i had around 7 removal jobs booked in for the day and it was going great just at the end of the working day i got a call to go to quote a job, i turn up and the guy says its all out back as im walking behind him he moves a fur tree branch out the way and it flings back and hits me right in the eye i could not see for all the water coming out the next day i wake up and still cant see anything in that eye i look in the mirror and my eye is a deep red i rush to hospital to be told its damaged my puple and im looking at min of 8 weeks to recover and that's only if i don't need surgery.
i was then reported to dvla as unfit to drive, on Wednesday i get a call from an insurance company i got a quote with and they decide to tell me they took the money out of my bank so they are insuring the van but i already have insurance when i tell them this they tell me they will refund the money but will be charging me fees after an argument on the phone i agree in order to get some money back. then today (Friday) i decide to sell the van only had it a week and cost me £1500 a guy comes and starts to point out a big gaping hole in the back of the van the door has been jimmied open at some point and i cant pop the bonnet as the lock is missing. i call the garage i brought it from he said what did you expect for £1500 and hung up so now i am medically in a bad way stuck with a van i cant use or sell and to skint to pay my rent and all this is because i wanted to try work for myself.

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My life

Posted by anonymous at November 16, 2011
Tags: Money   2011 November

To start with, im INDIAN, yeah Start callin me Stuff now!! ... but then again.. Not a lucky indian, i speak English with a american accent, dont ask me how but i do!! i dont make much friends with the rest o the dumasses, and yess Im fair as a white chicks ass!!..Ive been working for American corporates in india.. and belive me... theyre a bunch of Serious jokers, all my growing up days.. just kept dreamin of owning a car... and finally when i earn enough.. i cant..coz i dont have good credit.. and thats in effin india( can u believe it)..neway... I woke up one morning, Recieved three messages on my phone from three different gals saying they find me cute and wanna talk.. so i call them up and i have a awessome conversation with all of them... i meet up two on the same day and one decides to come back home wid me... we have a great time, and next morning she tells me shes in love.. i feel happy ..but that bitch meant it.. when i land up in office the next morning i realise everyone is talki...

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One right after another...

Posted by anonymous at November 12, 2011
Tags: Accident   Auto   Money   2011 November

It all started with not getting paid on time... You see, rent was due and I needed to go pay it. So I did and started moving into the place I had just put a $750 investment into. Days later, after missing a meeting to plan my sisters wedding, we were finally moved out of the old place and into the new place. That is where the 2nd issue occured. The people we were sharing our place with decided to not help us move in and treat us like guests in a place we were paying to live in. They wouldn't move their things out of the common areas, etc... So, I return back to work and get excited to go back to the place I was staying with my cat, of which we had had for a few months and had adopted after permission to bring her allong... That's when number 3 happened.
Threats and not being intelligent are not good traits for people you were supposed to live with. You see, they wouldn't allow the cat in after signing paperwork. So subleasers were needed and we needed to find a new place to live.

And that's when it just kept coming. It was one thing right after another. The subleasers weren't good enough, lies, hate, more threats, yelling in my face, I was even debating on a PPO because I was afraid to even set foot in the place that I had spent over $1000 moving into and traveling to to retrieve the last of my things.

Finally, we were out and our things were safe in a storage unit while we waited to move into the new place we had just signed a lease to (Thankfully with 0 roommates and allows cats with hardwood floors). We had to stay at a hotel until we could move in.

And that's when the final straw hit...

A huge truck ran a red light and t-boned my car. The truck crossed 4 lanes of traffic on a busy day and smacked into my car ruining my laptop which I need to do my homework online for two of the four classes I am taking, and then... Thankfully we had another vehicle. A couple weeks later however, I find out that the cop who had been there had said it was our fault! So now, insurance will go up unless he fixes the MANY errors on the report. Also, due to all these happenings, I have no had time to do any great studying and my grades will be affected by this.

So basically I've been threatened, kicked out, lost over $1000, lost my car, lost my laptop, said I was at fault for another human being's stupidity, and to top it all of, my grades have been affected by my stress and my stress has caused me migraines.

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the world took a giant shit on my life

Posted by anonymous at November 8, 2011
Tags: Auto   Money   2011 November   Relationship

So this last week i got dumped over a text. We've been dating for almost a year. Two days after I get dumped, my car breaks down on the 405. And now it needs thousands of dollars worth of repair. I can't afford it. So I've decided to sell it. And then my grandma complains about taking me everywhere because I've become an inconvenience to her. Now I'm carless, boyfriendless, my grandma doesn't like me and I have a shit ton of homework my professors assigned me.

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Fuck It

Posted by Loser at October 29, 2011
Tags: Auto   Job   Money   2011 October

I enlisted in the Marine Corps back in 03. On my drive home from Cali to Texas, I flipped my truck (totaling it) and lost everything I owned except clothes (which survived). Family picked me up from the emergency room! Spent the next few weeks getting back on track, new phone, new car, heeled from the wreck, closed on a house. Started classes at a community college during a winter mini. Found a job paying shit and enrolled full time in courses. Boss was a complete asshole, and I quit after 8 months of trying my hardest. Jobless for a month or two until I found another job paying slightly better. For the year contract I had one Saturday off. I was either in classes or at work that entire year. Decided not to work and take 21 hours of classes to finish up quickly. Graduated in August with a business degree. It is now Oct 29, I am officially out of my Marine Corps contract. Since college, now job, living with family, car broke down. I cant fix my car, I cant afford anything. Trying to get a job? Cant find a job that pays even the same as my job prior to my degree. I'm pretty sure I cant get hired from stereotypes about Marines. True, some people would be eager to hire a Marine. To do manual labor, not business. Hiring managers thank me for my service but don't hire. So in all. I fucked my life over by getting out of the military. Why do people thank veterans anyways? For continuing our nations dependence on oil? Or the fact I have put my self several years back. I now compete against other recent graduates, in a market which is not hiring. On top of that I have to miss out on opportunities because ridiculous stereotypes about veterans. What makes it bad luck? I am now 28 years old, completely in debt, have no transportation, no income, live with my sister,and cant pursue my career. I find a company that wants me to join their leadership July. My life inst so bad, try finding a girl that is interested in a jobless,car-less, homeless, broke ass that can't even afford a date to McDonalds. I also still owe my school $2400, not sure what I will do when I need to prove my education to an employer. Its Halloween weekend and I cant even afford a costume. Christmas is around the corner, no presents from your broke ass Uncle! People might think I should just get any job in the mean time. Ya, I put myself in debt to work for nothing! So in regards, I have went from pretty good life, pursued a degree to nothing. Alright Class 2011!!!

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Why me?

Posted by Gagzu at August 21, 2011
Tags: 2011 August   Law   Money

So here is my storie. I'm a 15 year old boy who lives in Finland, Helsinki.. So far, this year has been a total disaster. Yes i know some times people have bad moments and all.. But this, i thought i will atleast succeed even in a single thing, but no.

in my religion, we are forbidden to smoke. Early spring I got caught smoking.. 3 times! I really wanted to stop. I got beat up by my dad. I live alone with my dad who is working allday long, i havent seen my mother for 3 years, and may not see her ever again. My studies werent going pretty well, i had to pay about 300€ to my friend for crashing hes bike, it was a mistake. I got threatend by my friends mate that i will get beaten up and steal something from my house value of 500€ because i was framed (Long storie). I dont know anything about my friends, as if they would think im not in this world anymore.

I'm only 15, and i wanted to get a moped license and obviously a moped, i got a brand new moped and then I applied for the license, wich only cost 50€ total and you only need pass this 15 question test, which is very easy. Ok so the law was changing 1 of june, so i will have to pay about 500€ to get the license and pass 5 different tests! so it will take about 4 months. So i had about 2 weeks to pass the test before the law will change. So one test costs 26€, i didn't pass the test the first time, not even the second time! people were laughing on me, so i got a third time the last time (31 of may).. I didn't pass it. after that we paid 500€ for the school for 4 months after that i had the fourth time the test.. i didn't pass it. I really got shocked about it, so after that i though i could just go for a short ride just a small ride around my neighbourhood (Only 5km) Guess what? The police caught me, i got a 200€ fine and my licence got delayed for 6months. I just spent nearly 4000€ on nothing.. nothing.

Yes i know it isnt't a sad storie, but i'm only 15 and a few years back, i had a future.. now, i dont have anything. Thanks for reading.

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Losing my house, job, and future

Posted by HorribleWeek at June 20, 2011
Tags: Job   2011 June   Money

I moved to a big city a year ago in hopes of getting into a certain grad school program. Wouldn't you know, I found a job that I loved and gave me a free place to live, and I got accepted into my dream program which is supposed to start this August 2011.

Fast forward exactly 1 year later...

In the last two weeks, I was coerced out of my job, thus losing my place as well. I barely have enough money to sublet over the summer at a friend's apartment. I was relying on an addition PLUS loan to help cover the rest of my tuition for grad school and help me survive, so I thought I'd be able to find a new place to stay and such no problem. Today, I'm told my loan application was completely denied (which means I can't even afford the program, let alone having a place to move into and stay).

I have no idea what I'm going to do next.

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what next?

Posted by timmy at May 9, 2011
Tags: Health   2011 May   Money

In one week, I get a speeding ticket, my mother dies, my kid gets a double ear infection, my cv axel goes out in my truck, I get to figure a way to help pay for a 10 thousand dollar funeral, my gold fish dies, while I'm gone a lot taking care of stuff my dog pisses all over my house and tears my garbage apart in my house, I miss a weeks load of college and get docked some points so good by deans list, my boyfriend is totally not understanding why I don't get his laundry done and wants to yell at me about it. Like I said what the hell is next! I finally just got to the point of such anger I could only look at the sky and say "GOOD ONE!"

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it cant get worse

Posted by drew at May 1, 2011
Tags: Job   Law   2011 May   Money   Relationship

2 months ago I moved into new house with a wonderful girl. Next day I got fired for stupid reasons from pizza place I was working at. 1 week later I get pulled over and my license is suspended evidently from a previously unpaid speeding ticket, so no license and had to sell car to pay fine. Move forward another week the girl breaks up with me shortly after we got a place together. Move up 2 more weeks I get court papers for a incident that happened many yrs ago so I may go to jail for a few years. So from complete bliss with new house (my first own place) with a girl I loved entirely and a cute puppy to carless licenseless jobless moving back in with parents and could go to jail because no one I know has money for good attorney. And my puppy is a adorable pain in the butt. Go from peaceful and quiet own place to hectic parents with many pets and little kids running around. Truly a messed up life right now

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every thing just gone

Posted by anonymous at March 30, 2011
Tags: 2011 March   Money

I have read some stories but I didn't think any of them have my bad luck ever.
I graduated from high school 5 years ago I was son of this high paid man we lived rich live we have nice house always the best clothes the best cars so on. after graduation i met that girl i loved I married her. that time my father could supported me with anything. i choose that expansive university where i will earn my degree I studied three years straight i got beautiful child (money fee bills were never problem)
only other one year i will be graduated I already promised with good position in my father's friend company future was pink but everything was about to change.
in the beginning of my final year my dad called my telling me that he needs me to deal with some family biasness f. i thought of it it will be good i just cancel one semester i go back to complete my study just four months pried .
just i arrived home one week my father died from stroke he was healthy kicking no debates no history of illness just like that stroke and died.
after the funeral i just have 1000 $ in my account. The company that my father worked said he didn't have health insurance nor life insurance. my half brother denied that my father have any savings ( whatever i am sure of it) and i have no prove. just days after my father dais my brother asked me to move out. i rent small house this was during the reassertion i looked everywhere for job i couldn't find even my father friend does not want me to work for him any more i lost everything in plink of an eye.
i though they only thing i can do is to complete my study i sold some of my belongings so I can afford my tuition fee than i left my family and went to complete my study just one semester and all money was spent i have no home to go back to i have nothing to complete my study. just one semester from my graduation I don't know how i am going to handle it.
what hurt me the most is my friends or the ones that considered so they just trying anything to drug me down no one of them even handle me an hand or advice or anything to help me.
just sitting in my couch looking back trying to figure what want wrong exactly

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untitled story

Posted by kay at December 7, 2010
Tags: 2010 December   Money

well you see. not even a big deal BUT my roommate ate my ENTIRE CAKE I MADE FOR MY FATHERS BIRTHDAY and then i log on to my online bank account to see FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS STOLEN from me. so now i have no food, no money, no banking system because im filing for fraud, and im flying home 900 miles tomorrow with nothing positive to show for myself

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Pick me

Posted by anonymous at October 16, 2010
Tags: Broken Stuff   Job   Money   2010 October

My job was made redundant and got a nice payout of $10500 which was really good as it would keep me going for a few months. My folks and brother told me to put a bit of it on bills etc, and I decided to go on a holiday, I had it all planned out I was really excited to go I havent really been on a holiday with a bit of money before I thought who cares this will not happen again all was falling into place.
Until I went to get my car fixed for coolant issue, first they said it was the water pump $717, still didn't work it was the thermostat $396. When that didn't work they told me the engine was toast that the radiator was done and I would need a replacement engine for them to tell me this was $874.they then said it would cost me $4000 for a second hand engine or $10000 for a brand new one, there was no way i could afford that now.From all there bills it came to $2000. My car ended up being towed to my house and sat in my back yard. I looked around for help to get a cheaper engine and...

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Today really sucks

Posted by anonymous at September 28, 2010
Tags: Money   2010 September

When I finally thought I was going to be ok financially, a big accomplishment for a single mother of three, I have unexpected medical bills and a car repair that have drained my savings account and my boss is six weeks behind on my paycheck. I just got my mortgage up to date, but now my checking account is $3000 overdrawn when the last automatic payment went through. I can handle alot of shit, but I can't handle the worry over money. It makes me want to eat really unhealthy food. I guess it's a substitute for alcohol! At least all my utilities are still on and it's warm enough that I don't have to turn on the heat.

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Have my clothes cut off.

Posted by Kristi at July 11, 2010
Tags: Health   2010 July   Money

I work for Galaxy Enterprises we make campers motor homes travler traier and RVs. We got out oof meeting with a dealer to sell our trailers and other fun things. When back began to hurt me and I pased from the pain and I woke up as my colleage was pulling in to the hospital with my personal car. I was in the ER. They would let undress myself the cut my coat skirt blouse slip floral pattern bra and matching panties stockings and pulled off my heels. If iwas told get undressed I would of I hate thamy black business suit and white blouse are ruined I don't care about my stockins slip bra and panties. My jewelery was carefully removedand no cuttng was involved there. Lady if you are ever and you go to the ER make sure you are wearing clothes you don't care about becuase there will be a chance that your clothes will be cut off of you. I made pay for the suit that they wrecked and the blouse too.

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Bad luck

Posted by Anon at May 13, 2010
Tags: 2010 May   Money

See if you can beat our bad luck! My wife and I put all our life savings into a new apartment and in the process we had to take out a hefty loan for a 35 year period. I work every job I could whenever I could I had an extra 3 jobs and my wife worked like crazy too. One fine day one of our neighbors decided to do start a part-time job as a mechanic making a whole range of noises until 10 at night. I took him to court and he finally stops his act after 2 years. Then as soon as I solved one problem another neighbour with a mental illness starts yelling and fighting with her husband and kids 24/7. We had enough so we decided to sell regardless of the losses we endure. We decide to rent out a place to live in peace and try to sell. I get seriously sick, loose my job but we find a buyer for our apartment. As soon as I find a buyer an architect finds out the design of the apartent is flawed meaning I cannot sell the place. Life is an obstacle race that never ends. I am confused they say God exists! If he does he is a sadist!What the hell did I do to deserve this

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 3, 2010
Tags: 2010 February   Job   Lost   Money

My recent bad luck:

1.) I had to leave the theater to go to the emergency room, because, for no reason at all my heart started beating at around 200 beats per minute and wouldn't stop.

2.) At the hospital, I realize the person (friend who was with me) whom I had given my wallet to in the theater as I was rushedly leaving and dropping all my things, had lost my wallet--with my insurance card in it.

3.) Even tracing everywhere we went, searching the parking lot and the theater and asking theater people who had cleaned up the next day if they found it, my wallet was gone. It had a TON of personal information in it, driver's permit, social security card, two debit cards, etc etc. Lost. Great.

4.) After a period of time and calling police departments, public sanitation (the people who clean the roadsides), etc, etc, I couldn't find it, broke down, put a freeze on my ability to take out loans or make other large purchases, put on a credit watch, and bought a new wallet.

5.) Within a week of buying my new wallet, it was stolen. Fortunately, no ID in it since I hadn't replaced any of my ID, but I lost $15. And I couldn't get a bus ride from work back to my college, where I was supposed to meet to eave for a required field trip. I called him and explained, and he picked me up. In his truck. We rode back to campus in silence. Awkward.

6.) Finally, after coming to terms with never getting my most-recentl wallet back, I bought a new wallet. Literally two hours after I pay $20 on a new wallet, my friend says we should go check at the theater to see if they've found it and just not called me, even though I left a description, my name and all my contact info. We go over. They ask me a ton of questions... and then walk out, with my wallet. Apparently they locked it in the safe and forgot to call me. They found it two days after I had to go to the ER.

That's my story.

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Will my bad luck ever end?

Posted by anonymous at December 31, 2009
Tags: December 2009   Health   Money

Hi i need to know whether my life will turn around again. Over a year ago i moved back to my home town to look after my ill mother with my b/f of 3 years. 8 mnths ago i watched by her bedside as she passed away which was quite disturbing. Two weeks after that i found out i was pregnant which we had been trying for about 2 years. During that time i lost my full time job and had stupidly blown all of my work money on helping my b/f buy a car. About 4 mnths ago my partner had just started to drift away from me and sleep with his new boss which i had to find out from a friend of his. At christmas time my dog had died in my arms on the way to the vets. I have since had 2 car accidents and have now slipped into depression and my old ways of not eating properly which is hurting the baby. And just the other day i found out the woman who was so close to my mother before she passed and had become a sort of adopted mother has a tumour on her kidney. I just dont see a light at the end of the tunnel. I know i should be happy that i am going to give birth in a few weeks but i just feel like nothing is going to go right like i have been cursed and i dont know how to fix it. My ex partner still says he loves me but does not know what he wants to do. The stress of him alone is killing me. Can you see any good coming into my life and will my ex finally decide that he wants to be with me?

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at December 8, 2009
Tags: December 2009   Health   Money

I have had some bad luck lately, out of work right

now and need some money until I get new job, I have had a bypass in the last two years and take medications for my heart, but now am down to my last five dollars, I took all the money I had a paid rent and electric, should have food for another week maybe two if I stretch it. I have alppied for many jobs already about 40 but have not gotten any good leads, or call backs, I hate to be in this position and know that I am not the only one in this type of position. I have help others the best I can and still help them when I can, but at the point that I need help. I had just moved to a new place to be close to work I no longer have, I have to renew my plates next month for car and I hope I will have a job by then but my birthday is only 10 days away now, and don’t know how I am even going to pay for that, need to have my car to get work, it just sucks every thing right now, and being alone.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at October 15, 2009
Tags: Auto   Money   October 2009

I've had a terrible last few weeks. My car broke down, and it'll cost $1,000 to fix it. I'm enrolled in grad school without a scholarship; so that equals way too much for me to afford. I tried to ride a bike part of the way to school, but the chain got stuck and it took me a while--with a screwdriver and hammer--to get it free.

My dad doesn't work--just plays solitaire--and so my family is in constant need of money.

The fast-food place where I work decided not to schedule me next week. I edited $250 worth of documents for someone and she never gave me my money, just disappeared. Today, I was trying to mail a package and the only FedEx I could get to on the way to school was the only FedEx where their mailing system had been wiped out by the storms here.

This is driving me crazy!

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